An radical jewel
kaΔèna is a project that wants to create a new perception about jewelry.

 It’s an innovative idea that changes the way we wear them. kaΔèna simplifies and deconstructs the notion we have about jewelry and shows an new way of having something really and genuinely beautiful on our body, effortless and without over trying.

The idea derived from the need for something different, innovative and creative.

Through the years jewelry has changed forms, shapes and style. kaΔèna does something that has never happened before. Jewelry that are attached to our bodies with the help of a special glue that is very easy to use. Plates of different materials (silver, brass, gold) and different shapes (geometrical, simple or complex) are “glued ” on our skin. Imagine a tattoo that shines on the body but it’s an actual jewel.kaΔèna’s notion is based on simplicity and clean lines without being boring or indifferent. Geometric lines, smooth curves and aggressive angles are the main characteristics of these shapes which we can put on any part of our body.

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